TCHATCHE - Terms of use

Our Terms of Use are there to ensure that TCHATCHE remains a user-friendly site for safe and responsible entertainment.

Download only photos and videos belonging to you

Do not publish pictures that do not represent you: this is contrary to our rules, and the photo will be rejected by the service of moderation.
Photos must only represent you.
Will be deleted by our moderation team pictures :

Respect other users

We are a very heterogeneous community. This means respecting the beliefs and interests of others is imperative.

Do not be verbally vulgar with other users

You have to behave on TCHATCHE as in everyday life. Be friendly with the people you meet online, as if you were one in front of the other. You will then be banned for a while if another user reports you.

Do not pretend to be someone else

We hope you will meet real people with TCHATCHE, so we ask you to use a real photo and complete your profile with your own information. Do not pretend to be someone else and do not create a couple or group profile.

Do not post your personal information on public pages

Please do not include your phone number, address, e-mail address or website URLs on your profile, photos or public comments; otherwise we will have to delete them.

Do not post content, erotic or pornographic

We are sure that you will easily find other places on the web to view pornographic content. We do not provide this type of service. However, this does not mean that you can not add sexy photos, but respecting the limits.

Do not do anything illegal on our site

We do not tolerate illegal activities on TCHATCHE. If you break this rule, we will delete your profile and notify the appropriate authorities.

Do not spam other users

Do not try to sell products, other sites or services, retrieve emails, phone numbers or any other private contact information on TCHATCHE. You will be immediately excluded from the site.

Send original messages to other users

Instead of copying and pasting the same message to all the people you want to contact, consult what interests them and send a message in relation to their tastes. "Hi, I saw that you like surfing" is better than "Hi beauty !".

Respect our tems of use

Do not oblige us to continually remind you our rules, we do not like to block the profiles of our users. By following our rules, you will have a lot more fun!


Enjoy good times spent on TCHATCHE: chatting, making new friends and meeting new people to get to know each other in real life. Discuss your life with other people in the world TCHATCHE allows you to talk about your personal and professional life with everyone. Take full advantage of our community!
Non-compliance of this trems of use will be followed by a formal warning then a likely deletion of your account if you re-offend. This terms of use is designed so that TCHATCHE remains a warm and friendly place for all our users. If you do not agree, find another community site that best suits your values.

TCHATCHE - Safety tips

Use TCHATCHE carefully and think carefully before meeting in real life, or give very personal information such as email, phone number, etc. Take time to consult the following safety tips:

It is forbidden to publish personal contact information on your account.
Stop all communication with a user who ask you for personal information, bank, or try to squeeze you in any manner a sum of money, prepaid cards, etc. Report this profile to the moderation tema so that all precautionary measures are taken.
TCHATCHE is a free site, there is no interest in giving personal details to continue to discuss freely.
If you agree to meet another member, be sure to tell someone in your family, or a friend, where you are going and when you will be back. Never accept to be picked up at home. Go to the venue on your own, and go home the same way. Always choose a public place with enough people.
TCHATCHE does not check the criminal record of its members.